Welcome to Silk'n Siren, a vibrant
Australian label importing exquisite
silks from around the world.

We source quality, original silk scarves produced in Turkey, Syria and Uzbekistan, all key locations on the ancient Silk Route from China to Europe. These countries have been creating the highest grade of silk for thousands of years. Taking inspiration from fine art and love of history, travel and culture, our buyers have a passion for sharing these luxurious items with you.

The scarves are rare creations of the highest quality, each with intrinsic beauty. As a personal expression of individuality, the feeling of wearing silk is a true unique pleasure.

The light-weight and resilient nature of silk means they make beautiful, lasting gifts and are easily shipped anywhere in the world.

We hope you truly love the item you select, as we are excited about sharing these beautiful silks with you.

The story of our scarves

Walking through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, my gaze was attracted by a stunning design, a particular glow, a piece that I knew was special. I had seen my first Turkish silk scarf and I was in love. I knew that if I loved these beauties this much, others would too. I purchased a small number of scarves and brought them home with a vision to share these intensely beautiful pieces with others. Later in the same trip I traveled to Syria and discovered more beautiful silk scarves. I collected a special few and brought them home, knowing they would be loved by more people than just me.

I started selling to my friends and was encouraged by their recognition of quality and beauty. I have since broadened my range of scarves and jewellery and launched this website to allow you to enjoy these truly beautiful items.

Many of the designs are based on the Traditional Turkish designs used in their world-famous tiles, buildings, ceramics and fabrics. Although steeped in history and tradition, the designs are fresh and beautiful and sit easily in the wardrobes and around the shoulders of fashion and quality conscious women.  



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